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5 Tricks To Make You Look Thinner

These 5 cool tricks from my bag of illusions will help you Look Thinner!

The purpose of this article is to acquaint you with a few hacks to help you look and feel good. One should always dress to accentuate one’s best features. It does not really matter if you are thin or not, you should be fit and should be able to present yourself well.



Avoid wearing loud prints and patterns. Go for solid hues instead. Under no circumstances should you sport horizontal stripes. Opt for vertical stripes instead. They create an optical illusion and make you look thinner by elongating the look of your body.



Get back to the classics. Embrace the dark side and go all black. Black does make you look thinner. It is no myth. In fact “Wearing black makes you look thin” is the polar opposite of “The camera adds 10 pounds”. Wearing too many colors breaks the illusion, besides black looks sexy.

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