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15 Tips + Tricks for Getting Perfect Eyebrows

Use these 15 tips + tricks to choose the brow that’s best for you!

You should never underestimate the importance of eyebrows. A good brow anchors the face and complements your features, and the right eyebrow shape can make you look as though you’ve had a mini makeover! Since not all brow shapes look good on all faces, and not all brow shapes work for one face.

1. Don’t Change The Shape Too Much


A few years back it was all about having very thin eyebrows, but now it’s all about keeping the natural shape, which makes this easier. Follow your natural shape as closely as possible by just contouring. (via Michelle Phan)

2. Don’t Pluck Too Much Hair


Did you know that eyebrow hairs will stop growing back if you keep over-plucking? Make sure to go slow and take your time as you contour and shape. (via Daily Makeover)

3. Close to the Nose

Use these 15 tips + tricks to choose the brow that’s best for you!

This is a great trick if you want a thinner looking nose! The closer you get to your nose on the inner corner is best, but, of course, you don’t want to end up with a unibrow. (via Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily)

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