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36 Essential “Manly” Life Hacks That Every Person Should Know

Don’t ignore these 36 Manly “life hacks” and follow them in your life to become a real MAN. Check out!

The first step to becoming a real man is admitting that you aren’t perfect. It’s in our blood to ignore instruction manuals and maps, instead relying on raw instinct or hitting things with a hammer if they don’t work. However that feeling in your gut isn’t always right, and that’s why it’s essential to take a step back and actively acquire new skills that will last you a lifetime.

If there’s one thing you’ve learned thus far in life, it’s that there is no easy route to manhood. It’s not something that appears overnight, and it can’t be bought for any amount of money. However, each new skill you add to your arsenal takes you one step closer to becoming the very epitome of a real man.

The arrival of the internet has made this process significantly easier; there are an abundance of guides and tutorials on various man skills, whether it’s fixing a leaky tap or surviving a bear attack. We’ve spent hours scouring the internet and compiling a list of 50 Things Every Modern Man Should Know.

1. How to tie a necktie.

Don't ignore these 36 Manly "life hacks" and follow them in your life to become a real MAN. Check out!


2. Courtesy to the Ladies



3. The Dos and Don’ts of giving a handshake.



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