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Place Ice On This Spot Twice A Day And This Will Happen To Your Body!

This traditional Chinese medicine can do miracles for your body!

This traditional Chinese medicine can do miracles for your body!

The traditional Chinese medicine is based on the belief that the energy, (qi or chi) flows through the body along the pathways called meridians.

Thus, acupressurists and acupuncturists believe that blockage and imbalance of the chi causes illnesses. This way, the function of the organs can be significantly improved if you improve the energy flow through the body.

Every meridian is connected to a different organ and has pressure points.

By stimulating these points, either with acupuncture or acupressure, they release blocked qi, and therefore the tension in that corresponding organ. By applying pressure, qi is drawn out from the channel and this energizes the organ.

Also, it’s considered that by putting an ice cube on a certain point on your neck, you can improve your general mood and health and provide a lot of energy.

This trick is completely safe, easy and simple way to use the benefits of the tratidional Chinese medicine.

This point is called Feng Fu (Wind Mansion) and is found between the tendons, on the back of your neck, at the base of your skull and the top point of your neck, near the beginning of the hairline.

Acupuncturists claim that stimulation of this point improves the general wellbeing.

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